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Non-Scale Sailplanes

The EasyGlider PRO is an updated model based on the popular and proven EasyGlider and EasyGlider electric. Just like the larger Cularis the Easy Glider PRO can be built as a pure glider and makes an excellent trainer for aerotowing. Multiplex makes a tow release mechanism (Part # M723470 Cularis Glider Aero-Tow Mech) that fits both the Easy Glider Pro and the Cularis...

This model makes a great first aerotow trainer and introduces flaps plus the possibility of full trailing edge camber mixing. Multiplex makes a tow release mechanism (Part # M723470 Cularis Glider Aero-Tow Mech) that fits both the Easy Glider Pro and the Cularis...

The Success of the 4M Thermik XL led to the creation of an even LARGER model..... The XXXL! The HUGE glider spans 5M! The flying experience with this model is very similar to flying a real glider. It responds true and locks onto inputs. Despite it's large size, it is remarkable maneuverable!? By mixing aileron to the flaps, the roll rate is very impressive...

The XModels Stingray is a 2.9m (114in) slope aerobatic model that excels in huge lift.  Designed to have scale sailplane looks, it feature strong Kevlar/carbon wings, large steel joiner and offers outstanding performance.  This model is also available in Full Carbon Kevlar fuselage (HS)version which adds about 1 kg to its overall weight.


Steve's build thread





The original ParkZone® Radian® airplane introduced many to the elegant simplicity of thermal soaring. This E-Flite® Radian carries on the design with improvements to the airframe for an even easier soaring experience. This fantastic flying sailplane is not a good choice for aerotow becauseit has no airlerons, however its an excellent choice for getting out and catching some thermals.

The Radian Pro comes equipped with ailerons and functioning flaps. This makes it possible for experienced sailplane pilots with advanced programmable radio systems totake advantage of mixing functions like reflex, camber and crow. While the plane comes as a motor glider, with very little effort and aerotow release can be fitted into the belly to allow an aerotow option.



Smooth and forgiving, the Calypso excels as a first electric sailplane. Ailerons are included for enjoying a wide envelope of soaring performance, and by adding optional flaps experienced glider pilots can move up to more advanced thermal chasing. Three versions — the RTF, Tx-R and Rx-R — come with a factory-installed brushless power system. There’s also an ARF version available for those who want to equip the Calypso with their choice of radio and motor. Since there’s no gluing to do and the only tool needed is a screwdriver, you can have the Calypso flight-ready in just 30 minutes!

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