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H9 Pawnee 001

1) Bottom of fuselage in stock condition.

H9 Pawnee 002

2) Sheeting prepared to cover sides of floor.

H9 Pawnee 003

3) Bulkhead prepare to fit dual canister mufflers.

H9 Pawnee 005

5) Side and back panels added to close off canister area from the rest of the internal fuselage.

H9 Pawnee 004

4) Second canister support added.

H9 Pawnee 006

6) Cap strips added to top of side walls.

H9 Pawnee 008

8) Trial fitting of cross over headers and canister mufflers.

H9 Pawnee 007

7) Engine box detail for DA-120 engine mount.

H9 Pawnee 009

9) Finished canister area construction completed and painted.

H9 Pawnee 010

10) External covering completed and ready for final installation of engine, headers, and canister mufflers.

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