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The Founding Members

of Scale

Steve Pasierb


Steve is a long time soaring enthusiast and has become particularly intersted in giant scale soaring the last ten years.

Michael Kelly


Mike has a particular love for vintage scale sailplanes and is a master builder. He has contributed numerous build threads to the forum and each of his sailplanes is a unique piece of art.

James Dolly


Jim has been involved in model aviation since early childhood and soled full-scale at age sixteen. He is the owner of the HighPoint Aviation Airfield in West Virginia near his hometown of Cumberland, Maryland. 

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Len Buffinton


Len has been invovlved in R/C since very early in life and became an active giant scale soaring enthusiast around 2009. He has been instrumentaql in driving the resurgence of aerotowing and giant scale soaring in the northeastern USA and is a Horizon Hobby Team Member.

Jeremy Hartmann


Jeremy is a native of Switzerland but is a longtime resident of Hoover, Alabama whre he is the owner and operator of The Model Box 2.0 hobby shop. He is a gialnt scale soaring enthusiast and keeper of Swiss Flag Compliance.

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