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Oct 22

Aviation Concepts 1/3-Scale Interior for Schweizer SGS 2-33 Kit


Edited: Oct 22

Oct 22




















Oct 22Edited: Oct 22

Having grown up in Cumberland and seeing the full-scale aerotowing operation at the Cumberland Regional Airport, the Cumberland Soaring Group's Schweizer SGS 2-33 has long been a favorite of mine. So, I took some pictures of it's interior and tried to get as close as possible to it as I could in my model. Here are a couple of those pictures of the well worn interior of the Cumberland Soaring Group's 2-33.







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  • Starting the next box on the shelf. When I picked up my Pirat kit, I also bought a Bocian kit. It makes sense to ship a few kits at the same time since shipping doesn't change that much. I ordered the 1E variation. They also have a 1C version which has the more rounded tail. In addition to the kit, I ordered the carbon wing joiner, spoilers, and "Amortized landing gear with wheel (wheel with shock absorber). I also ordered the set of balsa planks. They didn't offer the pine strips at that time. I will make those on my table saw and I will use aircraft spruce for the spar. The Oldgliders kits are all routed parts. That means they are going to need a little sanding and a lot of corners need to be filed to make them square. The box is full of parts, mostly mixed up. In some ways that is annoying but it also protects the parts in shipping. They seem to ship better and rarely do you find a damaged part. My Pirat had none. The Bocian had one fuselage former that was broken. The plans have limited detail on them. Just a few balsa sizes are listed, not much else. I had a minor printing error on one part of the plan. One of the printers ink colors was running out so some of the text was in a very light yellow. They probably ran out of blue ink when printing. There are no written instructions. You just get a DVD with a while bunch of pictures of the assembly. One of the images is a note on where the CG goes and on control throws. A few other ones have very important information on shim sizes for the ribs when building. Ordering the balsa planks make things a little easier. The kit is designed with metric balsa. You can substitute the fractional sizes that are close if you have a good stock of balsa. I did that back when I built my Orlik. But you will have to figure out where to use the wood. You get enough wood, but it is not always obvious how to use the wood. The wood I received was very nice wood. So the first order is to sort out all the parts into the wing panels, stab, rudder, and fuselage. Remember these are routed parts so nothing gets labeled. The only labels are on the aileron parts which get hand numbered, 1 through 25. I sorted all the pieces. I also looked at all the fuselage parts to figure out where they fit A DVD of the build is provided with the kit. That helps to figure out where some of the remaining parts might fit if they are not obvious on the plans. There are a few pieces around the nose and at the back of the canopy opening that are not obvious on the plans. Fuselage parts. Canopy frame, outline of the fuselage, wing root parts, formers for the front, middle, back of the fuselage and the fin.
  • Folks, in the past versions of this website there was some info about guys that had installed EDF units on gliders for power. I'd like to do something similar to my old 3.7 meter Rosenthal Swift S-1 glider. Can anyone point me to folks with similar experiences in sizing, selection, and installing such a power plant? Any help will be appreciated. Larry