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E-flite Blanik by Xroadie

This is an E-flite Blank that I rebuilt. Initially, I was going to do a Czech scheme that had Japanese "Meatballs" and rising sun flag on the rudder. Then I saw a photo of an old Bulgarian aircraft, LZ-104. This is my "impression" of that aircraft.

Wing Panel Detail

On the wings, to simulate the different colors of the aluminum panels, I used pieces of a contrasting silver sign vinyl. On the fuselage, I used a few different shades of silver spray paint. The panel line details on the wings were done with fine line Sharpie pens. The stripes on the wings were done with UltraCoat covering that I cut into strips and ironed on.

Fuselage Panel Detail

The panel lines were created by applying several layers of masking tape then applying a little "bondo" on the edge. When dry, sand the bondo down to the level of the top of the masking tape then remove the masking tape. The Blank logo is vinyl and the striping is all painted. The rivets are done with various colors of Sharpie pens.

Cockpit Detail

I went with the full cockpit kit for the Blanik from I-Flytallies, minus one pilot and with the addition of the vent widows.

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