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Glass Slippers

Baudis Antares 20e.jpg

Antares 20E

This 6.6M Antares 20E by Baudis has become a favorite, a "go to" all around scale sailplane.

Vendors include:


Soaring USA


Build Thread:

Adding an EDF unit:


DG-800 S

Who says glass slippers are always white...but then again, this 1:3 scale CARF Models DG-800 S is mostly carbon fiber! Super strong airframe and super fast.

Len's DG-800 Thread

Kevin's Build Thread

Valenta Salto.jpg

Salto H-101

Looking for a scale V-tail sailplane, here is a great choice!

Vendors include:


Soaring USA

Let Ventus 2cx.jpg

Ventus 2cx

The 5m/6m Let Ventus should be on everyone's short list of desirable scale sailplane models.

Vendors include:

Esprit Tech


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