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Soaring is a passion that can fuel a lifetime of enjoyment and friendships. is our creation, born of that love for soaring, on behalf of the worldwide radio controlled aero towing and scale soaring community. We are dedicated to providing a helpful and fun resource for beginners and seasoned experts alike. And we remain keenly interested in serving those new to the hobby so they can both succeed and help grow our ranks!


This website and companion discussion forum represent an all-volunteer effort, sustained by a small but mighty group of hobbyists. We invite you to share your sailplane and tow plane building projects, promote your flying events, and show your workshop tips & tricks. Also, we invite you to help others troubleshoot their engine issues, discover new models, and enjoy your favorite places to fly. Let others know what is going on by reporting your local club news, reporting your experience at events, and so much more.  This is your site. Your voice and your content are vital to growing this online community around the globe.


Please do not hesitate to provide us with feedback and suggestions. If you click our donation link, please know that we deeply appreciate your financial support at any level. All goes toward helping maintain and sustain this website and discussion forum...and, we'll say nice things about you to your boss!




Scale Soaring Staff

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